Is it because of their outstanding milk production that we love our Jersey cows so much? Or is it because they are known for their docile temperament?

To be honest, there’s just so much to love about our girls.  Jerseys aren’t the largest cow breed, but they do produce more milk on less feed than other dairy breeds, and their milk has a higher butter-fat content, as well. Jerseys tend to be more curious and friendly. Ask our staff – at times “the girls” can be a little stubborn, and quite sassy, but those beautiful eyes are beguiling.

We Treat Our Girls with Special Care.

We follow well-known animal welfare expert Temple Grandin’s philosophy, believing that “animals aren’t things.”

Grandin has designed handling-animal systems that minimize pain and fear.  Likewise, we make sure our staff doesn’t yell at the cows or strike them (sometimes a gentle prod may be needed), and if anyone is feeling a little “out of sorts” they are encouraged to clear the air before they work with the cows.  Only our milking staff are allowed in the milking parlor with them, although visitors can observe through a one-way window from our barn. We also schedule outside events, such as tours or celebrations in The Venue, around our twice-daily milking times.  The girls always come first.  Sometimes, on beautiful sunny days you might catch one of our milkers taking a break out in the field, lounging with one of our cows. 

What’s So Special about Jersey Cow Milk?

Why do we only use purebred Jersey cows for our product?

Simply put, Jersey cow milk has higher protein and calcium percentages than other cow milk, as well as the highest butter fat.  We believe these factors make a better product. But there is more to the story than that. Many studies have shown that Jersey cow milk is better for you. And here is why.

Cow milk contains two primary proteins, A1 and A2. Most cows’ milk contains both proteins. Jersey cow milk contains only A2, which is a more pure protein than A1. If you are getting both proteins in the milk the percentage of protein isn’t as high as when you are getting all of the protein from one, specifically, A2. The difference between the two proteins is a single nucleotide on an amino acid.

Many studies have been conducted indicating that pure A2 is healthier for you.

Those benefits have been shown to support gut health, including gut movement and lower inflammation. Jersey milk is usually safe for people with mild milk intolerance issues.  Jersey milk is also believed to lower the incidence of cardiovascular disease and Type 1 diabetes.

Finally, while we don’t sell our milk directly (we need it for our fabulous butter and cheeses), we do sell to the local barista who reports people come in to her coffee shop just to buy a glass of milk because it tastes so good! And that’s reason enough for us. The rest is just good for you.