A Washington native, Dick McDonald was an economist in Washington, D.C. and Chicago before retiring to life in the country.   Dick has been a member of the island community since 1994 when he and his sister Kathleen, and her husband Joel, bought adjoining properties on Little Island.

One day Dick looked at the big white barn that was for sale across the highway from his house and he had a vision of bringing the farm back to life. In 2010, Dick acquired the farm across the highway and in 2014 restoration began on the barn to bring it back to life as a licensed dairy operation.  The creamery opened in 2015.

In time, Dick’s sister Kathleen agreed to join Dick in the business. Although she lives with her family in Portland, Kathleen loves having roots in Washington again, and is dedicated to the Creamery and the family business.

Little Island Creamery has been a project of passion and love for the land, resulting in our unique and flavorful products.  We are grateful for our family of talented and dedicated dairy technicians, farmhands and administrative support.

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